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Sister's in Law Desmi and Esveydi welcome you to Divina Boutique! We are a family-owned business based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. The pictures taken for our products are taken in our beautiful state of Arkansas also called the Natural State.

Our Name Divina Boutique comes from a combination of Desmi and Esveydi. "D" is for Desmi and "B" is for Bella, a nickname of Esvyedi's. The word Divina is derived from the word divine, meaning excellent, angelic, and delightful. We chose Divina because we want our customers to feel divinely beautiful when they are wearing our merchandise.

Esveydi and Desmi have always loved fashion and had a dream that they would work together and build a boutique that is not only fashionable but also affordable! 

So thank you for shopping with us and supporting us!

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